Thursday, July 13, 2006

Make New Friends

I made 4 of this new piece and embellished each one differently. I have been very busy lately so they are not as elaborate as usual, but I wanted to make sure that I keep this up. The first one was left hanging on a tree in front of TJ Max in Columbia, TN. I went back 3 hours later and it was still there. Do people not pay attention to what is around them? I assume someone found it sooner or later. They next one I left on a windshield of a cool car in Walmart's parking lot. Next, I went to Illinois on Tuesday and on the way back I visited the Illinois Artisans' Shop at Rend Lake, which is off of I-57 at exit 77. It was an amazing shop and gallery. There are a lot of talented artists in Illinois. Anyway...I thought this would be a neat place to leave a piece of art. I had an unfinished one in my car so I quickly tied a piece of yarn on it and hung it on a tree in the parking lot. No beads or embellishment...sorry. But, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to leave one somewhere other than at home. It would be nice to get some feedback.