Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pins to Find

Here are three pins that I made from a styrofoam tray that I was using for a palette. The colors looked so cool, I cut it into strips and looked at it for a few days, wondering what to make out of it. Finally I decided to collage some pins. They have magazine words, netting, heart glitter, and buttons. Add a pin back and voila'-art from trash. I left two at the YMCA and still have one to leave. Finders...enjoy!


Blogger Deb H said...

Gosh, I wish you'd leave something here to find!!

I hope the finders appreiciate your work!

12:37 PM  
Blogger ANDREA said...

Hi I came over from Debbie's Blog in Australia:) to your's, what a pleasure to meet you in Blogland. I am captured by your leaving these little things on benches and in restrooms and where else.... How nice for the finders. Do they know where the tiny art comes from? Have a beautiful creative day,
greetings from Paris

8:01 AM  

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